WINEDATA Wine Pricing Report

The WINEDATA Wine Pricing Report is a unique source of competitive pricing intelligence that can help you make better strategic pricing decisions. Published before new prices go into effect on the first day of the month, the WINEDATA Wine Pricing Report enables marketers to monitor and respond quickly to the latest competitive pricing developments.

WINEDATA tracks about 15,000 comparative FOB prices to distributors for all major American and imported wine brands sold in the U.S. Based on price filing affidavits, WINEDATA is published in printed or electronic formats. It highlights monthly price changes and new product entries, and is the only report of its kind.

Printed Edition: Spiral bound book format (priced at $595 for 4 quarterly issues or $895 for 12 monthly issues)

  • Reports contain the current month's price and 12 months of pricing history for each line item.
  • Includes monthly price changes and new items summary by brand.
  • American Wines are organized into 58 categories by varietal and type.
  • Imported wines are shown in 15 country categories then by region or varietal.
  • Wines are listed by brand line item, ranked from highest to lowest price within category and by bottle size.

Electronic Edition: Excel Format (priced at $900 for 4 quarterly issues or $1,800 for 12 monthly issues)

  • Contains the entire WINEDATA wine database, enabling competitive price positioning comparisons. You can see your competitors’ new brand introductions, line extensions, price increases or decreases, “old” vintage dates which may signal brand or types that are slow sellers or perhaps “early” vintage releases signaling faster sell-through.
  • Many users find that side-by-side portfolio comparisons reveal pockets of opportunity for new entries or brand repositioning.
  • Some users regularly scan categories to judge how quickly the "next big thing" category is becoming crowded, and at which price points. For example, there are now 192 Argentine Malbecs in the report, ranging from $18.52 per case up to $1,050 per case. The median Malbec FOB is $78.00.
  • The report contains a price change summary that shows all the price changes for the current month, the historical changes and the % change.

An easy payback: refining your brand pricing based upon the knowledge of your competitors' price changes and new item introductions can pay for the cost of the report with your first issue.

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